Partnerships to Prepare Work-Ready Developers

Bachelor’s level experiential learning

IT Residencies: A new approach to filling the 'Experience Gap'

Expanding IT talent for employers while earning students bachelor’s degrees in application and web development

FUSION is an innovative experiential education component of a bachelor’s degree that provides corporations, start ups and government organizations with skilled application and web development talent, and students with a proven pathway to career success.

Through a unique IT Residency experience, employer partners harness the talent of students who have essential qualifications and a demonstrated passion for the field.  Over the course of the 9-12 month residency, students gain both the experience and education needed to become highly productive members of project teams upon graduation.

Enterprises Need Developer Talent

Talent Shortage

In 2010, Minnesota universities awarded 832 bachelor degrees in computer and information science, down from more than 1,100 in 2005.  The Minnesota State Center of Excellence is collaborating with K-12 as well as colleges and universities to attract more students into the high demand IT career paths in Minnesota.

Experience Gap

37% of employers report difficulty hiring new grads, due to the lack of experience and skills mismatch in candidates. The FUSION residency will develop the skills that match what employers need in the workplace. (source:  DEED 2013 survey of employers.)

Engaged Education

The FUSION residency will provide Computer Application Development students the type of real-world experience employers seek.   Minnesota State I.T. Center of Excellence engages progressive IT employers in the experiential education of college students. Metropolitan State University and the University of Minnesota – Mankato offer bachelors degree programs in Computer Application Development.  The collaboration and engagement of all partners is what makes this program successful!

Fusion is For Employers

Employers working with educators to create a new generation of graduates educated in the I.T. fields.

Value-added Curriculum

With a curriculum focused on I.T. skills, FUSION students with be prepared and ready to add value and contribute to an organization’s goals upon hire.

Simplified Employment Processes

The employment process of FUSION is centrally coordinated by the Minnesota State I.T. Center of Excellence.  Students are either employed by the university or by Maverick Software Consulting and work on a contract basis to minimize administrative time for employer partners. Maverick provides a total managed-service approach for utilizing IT FUSION residents.

Hire with Confidence

Leverage your talent acquisition investment dollars by hiring FUSION residents with a proven performance history at your organization.

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FUSION is for Students

Pay for school, build a network and launch your IT career with FUSION.

Gain Real-World Experience

The FUSION component of the Computer Application Development bachelors degree was designed with IT industry experts at the table. The core IT curriculum of the Computer Application Development program was blended with real-world experience for a proven pathway to employment and career success.

Earn While You Learn

The FUSION IT Residency component of the Computer Application Development bachelors degree is a 9-12 month paid work experience opportunity that provides six academic credits and additional income to pay for education or contribute to living expenses.

Connect with Employers

You will have many opportunities to network with today’s leaders in technology through the IT FUSION residency, special events, site visits, and integration with course content and assignments.

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FUSION is for the Community

The Fusion program was created to help provide the talent needed to help grow IT employment in Minnesota

All Ships Rise

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, IT employment is one of three occupational categories that contributes most significantly to regional GDP per capita.

Balanced Marketplace

Contribute to the local tech economy by developing the future leaders of tomorrow and balancing resource costs for years to come.

Business Development

FUSION provides an alternative source of talent for tech start up companies, reducing the cost of initial product development and providing entrepreneurial role models for students.

How FUSION Works

Endorse Talent

The IT Residency placement process begins with employers building a top-rated talent pool through a candidate review and endorsement process.


An interview process helps assure that you find students who are the best fit for your company’s culture, technology and customers.

Engage and Evaluate

IT FUSION residents contribute to your computer application development projects for 9-12 months.  As a FUSION employer you also have access to supporting resources to help with talent development.  Ultimately you will have a prime opportunity to hire these new IT graduates with confidence when the time is right.

Employer Partners

FUSION has some pretty great employer partners, see who is helping make FUSION happen.

Academic Partners

How to Get Started