FUSION: A proven pathway to rewarding I.T. employment

Student benefits

What are the benefits of the FUSION IT residency component of your degree?

  • The program follows a proven pathway to full time employment in the field
  • The IT Work Skills course (ICS 251) is tailored to real-world competencies
  • You will have an advantage over others with this IT career development path
  • Many opportunities to network with employers and entrepreneurs in this rapidly evolving and creative workspace of IT
  • Earn as you learn; generate positive cash flow while completing your bachelor’s degree

FUSION builds on your passion for this career!

Employer partners and program faculty are looking for individuals who are highly motivated and interested in the increasingly creative and dynamic field of IT. Employers are looking for students who can answer “yes” to the following questions:

  • Have you already developed your own apps and/or websites?
  • Have you participated in extracurricular, volunteer work, or projects with others to create technology solutions?
  • Did you find your previous programming and web development coursework to be engaging and did you challenge yourself to go beyond minimum expectations?
  • Are you seriously interested in pursuing a career in the field?