The FUSION I.T. Residency

(Long Term Internship)

What You Will learn

The FUSION program blends technical competencies with essential workplace skills and experience that are in high demand by employers. The academic program is designed to provide flexibility for students who may have varying levels of prior technical coursework and allows for electives tailored to your work and career interests.

What does the I.T. residency component include?

The FUSION I.T. residency component of your degree is an experiential learning component in which includes:

  • 2 credits of the IT Work Skills preparation course (ICS 251)
  • 6 credits total of the IT residency course throughout the last 2 years of their bachelor’s degree. Note: Students start with the IT Work Skills preparation course (ICS 251) followed by 18-24 months of the IT residency experience with one of the FUSION employer partners.
  • Students are able to work up to 20 hours per week during academic semesters and up to 40 hours per week during breaks and the summer.
  • Earn $14 per hour with possible increases at the discretion of the employer, although increases are not guaranteed.
  • Employers determine the requirements for employment with their organization and students work with the Director of FUSION to interview for positions available at that time.

What academic courses are required? Course Checklist