Employees in their 20s often find themselves working side-by-side with people old enough to be their parents and grandparents. Misunderstandings, lapses in communication, and other symptoms of the workplace generation gap are bound to happen.

  1. As the young newbie in the office, you’re finding it hard to “break in” to the old girls’ club.

  2. A well-respected senior at the company gives slow, plodding, roundabout instructions to your team, and you’re pretty sure there’s a faster way and better way to do the task.

  3. The elderly vice president is fond of standing by your desk and rambling on and on about the pre-computer days, while you’re trying to get work done.

  4. Your boss gives you assignments that are boring and too easy.

Vicky Oliver at Careerealism outlines four classic challenging scenarios that arise, along with some effective ways younger, less experienced employees can get along with older co-workers–and foster peaceful coexistence and camaraderie in the process.